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Best Love Quotes

Love is an amazing feeling. Making your beloved feel that you value him/her so much is something natural. But sometimes you cannot find those lovely words to let a person know about your feelings. You can surely show your love by arranging romantic dinners for him/her or by giving expensive gifts. Despite all these things, a good way to catch their care and affection is to send them lovely messages and love quotes. These quotes can sum up your feelings into words.


We are here with some best love quotes that you can send to your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can send these quotes through SMS. It’s also a good way to post these on facebook timeline. The best way is to hand these love quotes on balloons on a Valentine’s day. Or any idea you have can help you in this.

Here are some of the best love quotes:

Thank you for all your love. You have made my life better.

You are the best unplanned thing that has ever happened to me.

I still get goose bumps when you are with me even though we are together from so much time.

You are the one that I am deeply in love with. I can never let you go.

I have chosen you. And this has made my life way better.

I love you so much. You completed my life. Before we met, i knew nothing about love.

You are the type of person that I was searching for. You are surely my type. Love you so much

I fell in love with your humour and your personality. You good looks are bonus.

You are he one who will ruin my lipstick, not my mascara.

I love cuddling with you. Infact I love to be with you all the time.

Being distant from you is not an issue, because in the end, you are mine.

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