9apps- Understand The Core Concepts Now!

9apps- Understand The Core Concepts Now!

Smartphones become the basic need of everyone and we can see a smartphone in everyone’s hand. They download a lot of applications of different types and for this, there are many app stores are present on the internet. If we talk about the most popular one then the name of 9apps can’t be ignored. While many people prefer Google play store but when we compare both of them then 9apps holds the first position. This is the best way to download desired apps for an android device. It has many features which attract users to use this. It also recommends some apps and if you love to try some new apps then this feature is best for you. In this app marketplace, users can easily search an application which they want to download.

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Easy update by 9apps

If you are using any type of application then it needs an update after a particular time and with the help of this app store you are able to do this task. While a lot of people are using this app but only a few of them know that it can be used to update existing apps. Some people think that if they use this store then they have to face a long process but it is not the truth. Actually, the process of using updating apps is too easy and only with a single click you can be done this task. If we talk about other ones then they take a lot of time and by using this source we are able to save a lot of time. In order to download apps from this app store you also don’t need to go from the sign-up. Users are able to directly download 9apps.com their desired apps from a simple and easy process.

Drawbacks of 9apps

Every coin has two sides and 9apps also has some darker sides. Let me start from the advertisement. When we play any game which is downloaded from this app then we have to face a lot of problems regarding advertisements. It is an irritating situation when we see a lot of unnecessary ads while playing games. It is the biggest drawback of this app store and because of this; some people don’t prefer to use this. Sometimes application show error which also creates a bad situation and users get irritated from such type of situations.

Apart from this; 9apps has also a lot of positive points by which users rely on this and use this on a huge level in order to download apps. This is an ideal app store which offers a lot of games, music, utility apps, wallpapers and many other things. With the help of this, we are able to save time as well as space in the device because these apps are lightweight. There are also no regular restrictions and users can easily download a free app from this store without getting any type of issue or problems.


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